Things We Need to Know about Carpet and Rug Cleaning 

Carpet cleaning is one of the most difficult and time consuming work to do it takes a lot of our time and energies it can be a very tiring task especially if we have a lot of things to do in a day’s work. Cleaning is a need that is why we really need to do it regularly. Most of the carpets have deep seated dirt on the bottom that is hard to clean. Ordinary scrubbing and washing cannot penetrate the deep seated dirt. If you just imagine all the bacteria and dirt that is collected under carpet you would be surprise by it. As you can notice after cleaning your carpet the bad smell the bad odor and texture of dirt is still present. But worry no more we have ways of cleaning your carpet that would make it 100% sanitized and will smell brand new. For your carpet cleaning services you can always visit Carpet Cleaning San Bernardino CA

Rug Cleaning

What do We need to Remove off a Carpet? 


As we all know, we can’t avoid stains in our everyday life, especially if we have our beloved children and pets at home or after throwing an occasional party at home. The most effective way to remove stains on carpet is steam cleaning. Drinks and food stains can easily be clean on the surface but they penetrate your carpets deeply. If you are going to wash it, you’re only wetting the carpet and not cleaning it because only steam cleaning can clean it 100% without fail. 


Dirt can make your carpets look unpleasing and nasty not only it affects the appearance of your carpet it will also destroy it. We need to clean and maintain our carpet so it can last for years. Dirt build up might also produce health risk. 


Pest might be nest on your carpets since they like to hide in cozy places we always need to clean are carpets for them not to stay and multiple, pest might cause as bites that produces allergies when in contact with our skin 

Types of Carpet  


It is Everyone’s favorite type of carpet. It is not stain resistance but wool carpets are natural soil resistant. And wools are like chucks shoes they look good even using it for a long time. 


Known for its elegant and expensive looks, it has variety of styles and colors. 


The stain resistance type of carpet, most of the houses that has children and pets uses this carpet/ 


Moisture resistance carpet, but not that durable compared to nylon. Mostly use in construction areas. 

Different methods of cleaning carpets 

  • Hot water extraction cleaning / steam cleaning 
  • Carpet shampooing / shampoo cleaning 
  • Encapsulation 
  • Bonnet cleaning 
  • Dry carpet cleaning 

Cali carpets only provides you awesome cleaning services, with our friendly, reliable and honest cleaners they will make sure to leave you carpets looking new and stunning. Remember too that it needs maintenance, so don’t forget to have it cleaned regularly.