Options for Residential Dumpster Rental

For around any kind of clean-up, there is an option for dumpster available. This includes yard waste disposal, flooring removal, remodeling projects, spring cleaning, renovations, and much more.  


Today, we are going to discuss some of your options whenever you are looking for the best dumpster rental Miami. 

Dumpster Sizes for Residential Junk Removal 

Whenever you are completing a demolition task or constructing a new house, a 40 or 30-yard dumpster might be more a cost-effective option in these situations.  

For a huge range of tasks, a 10-yard dumpster should be an ideal choice. This size of the container provides an excellent combination of loading capacity and size. A regular 10-yard roll-off dumpster suits perfectly in hard-to-reach places or in a residential driveway that bigger dumpster would not fit.  

In general, 20-yard bins should accommodate renovation tasks or residential cleanouts. This includes large roofing projects, brush disposal or yard debris, home cleanouts, flooring removal, bath renovations, and kitchen renovations.  

There are also available dumpsters that are less than 10 cubic yards. Several rental companies provide commercial front-load dumpsters, bag style dumpsters, mini roll-off dumpsters, or dumpster trailers. These choices aren’t available in all locations.  

Driveway-Safe Dumpsters 

There is a possibility that the trucks and the dumpsters can cause damages to yards, curbs, and driveways. To prevent this, several dumpster rental firms take extra precautions. This includes laying down plywood or boards on the driveway. Going with a dumpster trailer is another safe option. Trailer dumpster is safer to utilize on every surface since it uses rubber tires instead of steel wheels.  

Minor Tasks 

These include task such as removal of fireplace brick, walkway demo, removal of concrete patio, and other tasks of simply several cubic yards or less. A 4-15-yard roll-off is excellent for these tasks. A bag dumpster might be an ideal choice for the most minor projects up to 3-4 cubic yards.  

Home Construction or Cleanouts 

In this case, a regular roll-off dumpster in the 9 up to 21 cubic yard range will work perfectly. You should pick a roll-off dumpster with tall sides if you are disposing of bulky wastes, such as furniture. Make sure it’s at least 4 ft. high. However, it is much preferred to choose 6 up to 8 ft. high.  

Heavy Debris (Concrete, Shingles, Dirt) 

The best option here is a 15-yard dumpster with low sides. This enables simpler loading over the container’s sides. Oftentimes, these containers are also known as “low boys”. A regular roll-off with a walk-in design works well for heavy debris as well if this type of container isn’t available in your location.  

How to Lower Expenses 

Dumpster expenses are almost the same as dumpster rental for a commercial or residential project. Because of that, there’s a chance that you can lower the expenses if you know how to plan beforehand.  

Several rental companies might provide a discount for 1-day rentals. This is particularly true during busy times of the year. This includes fall, summer, and spring. During these times, their stock of containers is very limited.