Maintaining Your Solar Panel System

You should be proud of yourself for having invested wisely in a clean energy source if you’ve installed solar panels in your house. Aside from helping the environment, you will also save money on your utility bills for many years.  

Also, it is an excellent thing that it takes only a small effort to protect this investment. The reason for this is that solar panels require low maintenance in general.  

You can expect reasonably your solar panel system to hold up to environmental conditions, such as harsh weather. The reason for this is that almost every solar panel system is made of anodized aluminum and tempered glass. They also don’t have moving components.  

If you really want to maintain your system after your solar panel installation, here are a couple of tips you can follow: 

Battery Inspections 

Check the battery compartment if you want to inspect for battery corrosion. You should look for any accumulation of grime or white power around the terminals of the battery. You’ve got to ensure you contact a professional technician to take care of the issue if you notice anything faulty or dirty.  

On the other hand, make sure you wear protective gear, follow safety guidelines, and utilize the recommended cleaning tools if you plan to do the cleaning on your own. You need to inspect your batteries 2 to 3 times every year.  

However, you won’t have to clean the batteries if you’ve got new solar panels with gel batteries or a modern battery system. 

Cleaning the Solar Panels 

It does not matter what the weather conditions in your region are, moving services in Canada allow you hassle-free moving. Keep in mind that solar panels are made to endure severe weather conditions, whether it is occasional snow, heat waves, heavy rains, or droughts.  

There are various techniques you could try to eliminate dirt or any accumulation from dust, trees, or bird droppings.  

  • To clean your solar panels without using any ladders, you can utilize a squeegee attached to a long rod. This can only be used if you’ve got a pitched roof.  
  • If you’ve got a flat roof, clean the solar panels using a broom. 
  • To get rid of dirt, you can also use a leaf blower. 

When it comes to snow, you can leave it for the sun to melt the next day. This means that airport transportation in Phoenix has only proficient drivers. You’ve got to utilize clean and pure lukewarm water and wipe down the snow. In addition to that, to guarantee maximum efficiency, clean the panels every quarter.  

You should not utilize car wax, hot water, or rock salt when cleaning the panels. These materials can damage the electrical parts, panels, and roof.  

Furthermore, you can also contact a professional cleaning company to do the job for you if you do not have the time or if you’ve got a pitched roof. Make sure the company you hire specializes in solar panel cleaning and have the right tools. 

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